Meet Calvin

Meet Calvin…

Our wild Yellow Labrador who wants nothing more than to make us happy. In typical lab fashion, Calvin is full of energy and loves to please. Calvin is the life of the party, he gets his energy from those around him and can get really out of control if he isn’t reminded to settle down. If you want to party, Calvin is your guy. If he were a human, this social butterfly would be the most epic wingman. He loves mommy but is also able to go out and flourish independently at the park or beach. He’s the kind of dog who gets along with everyone and every dog – no fighting, no breaking points, no impatience. We have yet to see Calvin snap at anything. He takes every new situation in stride with a smile and a thumping tail wag.

Birthday: January 17, 2017

Nicknames: Calvie, Calvyman, Calvertron, Crazy Cal, Calverino, Cal, Bad Man, Good Man, Cal Pal

Favorite Food: Everything but greens.

Least Favorite Food: See above.

Strangest fear: Lemons & Oranges. Coffee Mugs. Does not like vacuums but tolerates them.

Favorite Trick: Retrieves a tissue when someone sneezes.

Strengths: Swimming, tugging, off leash walking, traveling, snuggling.

Quirks: Runs away from his own poop, sleeps under the covers as the little spoon, loves human beards…a lot

Play Style: chase, wrestle, tug, repeat.

Favorite Place: Grandma’s house (both grandmas). He starts wailing as soon as he realizes we are almost there.

Biggest challenges: Calvin is a high energy boy.  He does everything with 150% effort and the mania of a lab. The biggest challenge was teaching him how to harness his energy to purposeful commands and focus.

Biggest surprises: Calvin goes from Crazy Boy to Good Boy with the drop of a hat given his situation. Calvin also requires direction and commands.  He looks to me to get his next command and will get into trouble if he is not told what he should be doing.

Occupation: CGC, CGCU, CGCA, TKA, PAT, AAT. Calvin is no longer a working service dog but in his free time, he volunteers at hospitals and nursing homes to provide comfort to patients as part of an Animal Assisted Therapy Program.