Family Engagement Shoot

With the human wedding right around the corner, I have finally accepted that I will forever be sharing the bed with both Mom & Dad, and that I must share Mom for the rest of my life (it’s ok, Dad gives me treats).  Since raising me to become such a well adjusted young pupper has taken lots and lots of love, the humans figured I belonged in their photoshoot.  The photos were taken by the pawsome Scott & Dana (Weddings by Scott & Dana).  Check them out here if you are getting married any time soon. Here were some favorites from my glamour shoot…..sorry I mean the human’s love shoot. I hope you enjoy my commentary about love.

You see those things that Momager is holding? Those are called balloons and let me tell you about them – they are the worst things you will ever meet. Don’t you even think about putting your teeth on them.

Glad to see the balloons go bye bye, but sad to see the humans walk away.

The best part of the night was releasing them into the sky.  They will not be missed.

Here is my super cool rocket ship.  It has the power to bring me wherever I want – specifically the beach, or on hikes. This red rocket ship means that adventure is coming.

Somedays the thought of having to share Mom forever doesn’t seem like much fun.  But then I remember that dad gives me all the great things in life like kisses, belly rubs, and potty breaks at 4am. I think I can come to terms with it.

If dad agrees to love mom as much as he loves me, this wedding thing is going to be pretty cool. Because his belly scratches are really good.

As long as I get to be the star of the show.

But can someone please tell them to STOP with the kissing.

I mean ALL types of kissing.


I like my little family.

I get to take them on lots of adventures.

I make them laugh when I do naughty things.

And mom likes to pretend to get mad.

But really, how could she stay mad at this face? Even when I shred the toilet paper.

My humans love me very much.

And I love them enough not to jump into this lake.

I’ve heard that dogs are the only things in the world that love you more than themselves.

But I think those people haven’t met my dad.

At the end of the day, all you need in Life is Love…and a Dog.

Love & Kisses
-Your Pal Cal

All Photos by Scott & Dana (Weddings By Scott & Dana)
Hair & Makeup By Quis (Check Her Out)

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