Make Your Own – DIY Dog Bandana

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Make your own Dog Bandana (Video)

Ever wonder how to make a bandana for your dog? Turns out making a dog bandana at home is easy! Here’s a simple video tutorial for homemade Dog Bandanas.  Note that you will need a sewing machine for these slip through collar bandanas. You can find the full list of materials used below or in the description box. Your dog is sure to always win best dressed!


Sewing Machine
Fabric Scissors
Rotary Cutting Set
Starch Spray
Disappearing Ink Marker
Sewing Needles

Measurement Guidelines

17 inch neck – 12 x 12 inches
15 inch neck – 8 x 8 inches
11 inch neck – 7 x 7 inches

Best Places for Fabric

Our favorite is Spoonflower when shopping online because it is the only online option that allows you to order less than 1 yard. Joann’s is great in person for the same reason, but has a 1 yard minimum when ordering online.
Joann’s Fabric

9 Replies to “Make Your Own – DIY Dog Bandana”

  1. How can you make a reversible collar Bandana?

    1. Your Pal Cal says: Reply

      unfortunately this method doesn’t work for a reversible bandana 🙁 there are probably good resources on YouTube to help with that!

  2. could you please give written instructions as well. Having problem following video.

    1. Your Pal Cal says: Reply

      sorry you are having trouble following the video – you can try to slow down the video on YouTube and replay parts that are harder to follow.

  3. Once I made the patterns, everything went together in no time. I’m making these in all sizes to give to our local animal shelter so the dogs can “dress up” for the holidays. Thank you.

  4. Hi there! Love this tutorial! Was wondering in the part where the fold over is 4.5-5 inches is that just for the 12×12 size? How much are the fold over for the other two sizes?
    Thank you

    1. Hi! The fold-over is going to be a little over 2x the width of your dog’s collar. So if your dog wears a 1 inch collar, you would fold over about 2.5-3 inches. If your dog wears a 1.5 inch collar, you would fold over about 3.5-4 inches. In this example, the collar is 2 inches wide so the fold over is about 4.5-5 inches

  5. What model sewing machine are you using? It looks very easy.

    1. Your Pal Cal says: Reply

      I use the brother sewing machine

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