Brands We’ve Worked With


We view working with brands as an opportunity to review new products or to showcase products that have become staples in our household.  In many cases, we work with companies after we have already tried out and adopted the brand for our pup.  We only try out the best products and ensure to provide as honest of a review as possible. We especially love seeing the brands we work with give back to the rescue community. If you are interested in working with us, please shoot us an email at

Here are some of the brands we have worked with: 
Chewy, PupBox, Whisk & Wag, Petcube, Amazon Treasure Truck, Best Bully Sticks, PetPlate, P.L.A.Y, Haute Diggity Dog, Healed by the Hound, Bad Tags, Bravo! Pet Foods, Okra & Molly, Kirk & Willie, Noah’s Bark, Platinum Pets USA, Poochie Pets, Mutt Cosmetics, Pincause, Plato Pet Treats.

Bad Tags –

You know Cal – always cheeky and a little sassy, but a total cuddle bug at heart.  That’s why we love the Bad Tags Brand.  You are guaranteed to find a tag that fits your dog perfectly.  My favorite tags? “I Still Live With My Parents” (wouldn’t have it any other way) and “I Kiss on the First Date” (slobber is best!).
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Bravo! Pet Foods-

Calvin loves all types of jerky, tracheas, knuckles, ect so we were thrilled to have the opportunity to review Bravo! Pet Foods chews. Calvin’s favorite treat was the pork roll.  They also have a wide range of freeze died, canned, and raw diets available.

Best Bully Sticks-

Welcome to the BEST collection of Bully Sticks. The BEST. Best Bully Sticks offers every type of all natural dog chew you can imagine. Their inventory is clearly organized so you can find all the treats your dog desires.  They also have great grab packs and autoship available to get the best value. Calvin’s Valentine is DEFINITELY a bully stick this year.
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Charming Pet –

Charming Pet toys and products are highly durable and trigger all of your pup’s senses. They have products for every type of play style.  Charming Pet has been a favorite since we brought Calvin home – he loves their Sqawkers, Ropes A-Go-Go, Zig Zaggers, Pulleez, and Crinklers    We also enjoy their top notch and highly responsive customer service.  They were great to work with during the 4th of July holidays, and Calvin loves the stylish getup they sent him. Charming Pet his now part of the Outward Hound ecosystem.
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Chewy –

Chewy has always been our first stop for all things dog.  We order from Chewy every few weeks and receive our goodies promptly. Chewy has EVERYTHING a dog owner could possibly want. Plus, two day shipping can’t be beat.  We love our ongoing partnership as part of the Chewy Influencer Program. Every month, we pick out two new items to try out. We enjoy leaving our honest reviews and showcasing how much we enjoy the products throughout the month.

Haute Diggity Dog – 

Calvin is a jokester so Haute Diggity Dog toys are prefect for him. HDD creates witty designer parody plush toys.  They are squeaky, fuzzy, and remarkably cute! Calvin has grown quite a collection.  He has to start every morning with a Starbarks Frenchie Roast before hopping in his Furcedes.  Don’t forget the Grrrona to end the day.  Check out the Arfsolut if the day has been particularly difficult.

Healed by the Hound –

Calvin uses his Healed by the Hound collars and leashes everyday – they are durable, easy to wash, and super stylish.  They are soft enough not to irritate your dog’s neck if worn for a long period of time.
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Kirk & Willie –

High quality double sided bandanas in awesome colors and fully customizable. Check out more customized bandanas on their Instagram
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Mutt Cosmetics –

Bath time doesn’t have to mean a bad time.  Mutt Cosmetics offers all natural shampoos, bath bombs, and face marks to leave your dog’s coat silky smooth and smelling great.  This is the first time that Calvin has smelled like a bed of roses (literally) after his baths – Even if your pup still hates his bath (Calvin sure does), at least he will smell delicious for bedtime cuddles.

Noah’s Bark –

Noah’s Bark focuses on all natural dog biscuits – available in beef, chicken, and peanut butter. The company aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and help the pet rescue community. The founder of Noah’s Bark recognizes that food makes a difference – “just because your dog will eat anything, doesn’t mean it should.”  Her dog Sheba was constantly sick, and food made all the difference.  Those who have been following us for some time know that Calvin has had many stomach sensitivities – he will eat anything but many options make him sick.  As a result, we try to keep his treats as healthy as possible!

Okra & Molly – 

Okra & Molly customizes and ships delicious Pup Cakes right to your door.  We enjoyed the custom made puptriotic cake they created for Calvin.  We cannot wait to order cakes for every special occasion.  Check out their themed cakes and birthday cakes.

Petcube – 

Nothing beats knowing that your pup is safe while you are away.  The Petcube Bites treat camera allows you to watch, train, and treat your pet while you are away.  It is equipped with an HD camera, motion sensors, night vision, two way audio, a treat dispenser, and more. Check out the video Petcube filmed in our home of Calvin using the new Petcube Bites.

PetPlate – 

PetPlate is a Pet Food Subscription service that delivers meals right to your doorstep. Available in two delicious flavors: Oven Roasted Turkey and Farmhouse Beef.  Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your pup is eating only the finest ingredients.

Pincause –

We Partnered with Pincause and the Humane Society during their #Puptivist #StopPuppyMills #AdoptDontShop campaign against Puppy Mills.  All dogs deserve to be raised and nurtured in a safe, clean, and social environment. See our post here.

Platinum Pets USA –

Platinum Pets specializes in stylish diners, bowls, collars, and pet finders.  They place an emphasis on safety to ensure your loved one stays safe and sound.

Plato Pet Treats-

These treats are loved by even the pickiest dogs (tested by all the dogs at the office).  Calvin’s favorite treat are the Plato Chicken Thinkers. They are moist and perfect for his sensitive stomach. Check out all the Plato Products and varieties on Chewy.


Check out the P.L.A.Y luxury dog beds collections and toys.  We love the Chill Pads so much that we have one in multiple colors. Calvin sleep on a size Large.  Check out all the creative toy collections.
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Poochie Pets –

Of course, Stylin’ Calvin’s favorites are the collars, but Poochie Pets products are all very useful and functional. With the motto “Your Dog Makes You A Better Person,” they hold true to their words by giving back to Pooches in need.  Check out the work they have done for Rescues.

PupBox –

Pupbox has helped us get through puppyhood and will continue to help Calvin grow through adulthood.  They have been by our sides every step of the way with monthly subscription boxes.  The boxes include training materials, treats (always the healthiest and best ingredients), high quality toys, accessories, and chews.  PupBox is the reason that mail time is Calvin’s favorite part of the day. Pupbox is now part of the Petco ecosystem.
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Whisk & Wag-

Homemade dog treats using only 3 ingredients? Yes Please! Just add water & oil to the treat mix and your dog can enjoy healthy treats right at home within 20 minutes.  Calvin has had many stomach issues but these treats pass through very easily – They are jam packed with nutrition and natural ingredients.  Use cookie cutters for fun shapes! Check out the pawsome video that we filmed and produced for the new Whisk & Wag Product launch. Whisk & Wag is available on Chewy or Amazon.

Events & Media-

SharkTank ABC in Los Angeles 
Did you catch Calvin on Shark Tank? The episode aired November 26, 2017 (Season 9 Episode 12 Starting at 12:41). Calvin jumped on the table with excitement. We had so much fun filming with Pupbox in Los Angeles!

PetCube Rescue Block Party in San Francisco
Had so much fun being a VIP Pup at the PetCube Rescue Block Party.  Got to hang out with neighborhood friends, eat lots of treats, and support a great cause led by the San Francisco SPCA.

PetCube Promo Video in San Francisco
We filmed a Promo Video with the new PetCube bites. It was Featured on their page and Facebook Ads. Treat your pup while you are away!

PetCube & Amazon Promo in San Francisco
Check us out on the Amazon Treasure Truck page.  We worked with PetCube & Treasure truck to help promote the PetCube Bites treat camera.

PupBox Video Promo in San Diego
Spent a day shooting with PupBox in San Diego. 

PupBox Adoption Event in Los Angeles
Had so much fun meeting the Helen Woodward Center Rescue Pups during the first annual Pupbox Adoption Event in Los Angeles August 22nd.