Engagement Photoshoot

Although Calvin did not get to be part of our wedding day, he got to be the star of the show for our engagement photos with Scott & Dana. They were our wedding photographers and also happen to share a wedding anniversary with us. We love working with them and highly recommend them for photos in the Bay Area and beyond.

As with many things in life, this shoot did not go as planned.  The first time we attempted to shoot, we accidentally drove to the wrong location.  We ended up lost in the woods with no service and little gas in the tank. When we finally made it, the sun was already setting but Scott & Dana were gracious enough to let us try it again a few weeks later.

Turns out, Calvin is terrified of the balloons so he spent the car ride horrified that one was going to pop.  We must have been quite a sight to behold walking out of our little car full of balloons. We tied the end of the balloons to an apple slicer so they wouldn’t fly away The balloons were worth the trouble because they ended up looking so magical in our photos.

The tree shot below has become one of our favorites photos.  We have it hanging as a canvas above our fireplace. I love shots taken during the golden hour and so this photoshoot was full of gems. These shots were taken in Napa, California.

Throughout the shoot, our Scott & Dana would ask us to whisper things into each other’s ears or say something that would make the other laugh.  I don’t even remember what we said to each other but we thought we were soooo funny. To this day, we never cease to make each other laugh.


Calvin looks so young in these photos – he was only 6 months old and still very much a puppy. Calvin grew until he was about 1.5 years old so he was not even close to full grown in these shots. We always wish we had more professional family photos of Calvin with us during his first year, so we will cherish these for a long time.

All photos by Scott & Dana

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