Meet Samson

Meet Samson…

Our mellow & gentle cream Golden Retriever who is just looking to be a good boy. Samson is a working medical response service dog and he takes his job very seriously. Samson and Calvin couldn’t be more different but we have loved the diversity they bring to our house Samson is the kind of dog who just wants to calmly sit by your side through all of life’s ups and downs.  He is the kind of dog who will follow you around everywhere and will even rest his head on your knees while you use the bathroom. He leans in for hugs and presses his head into your chest while waiting for ear scratches. Samson is a momma’s boy through and through: at the park, at the beach, on the street, at home….there is no where he wants to be but right at my feet. Don’t let his gentleness fool you, this dog is confident and SASSY.  He won’t take no shyt from anyone and will quickly remove himself from a situation that he no longer wants to be a part of. Don’t mess with Sammy because he will *gently* tell you when he’s had enough.

Birthday: January 7, 2019.

Nicknames: Sam, Sammy Boy, Sammy Man, Sambino, Sambie, Shambles, Sambly, Shammy, Lazy Man, THE Good Man

Favorite Food: Everything. Including tennis ball fluff & kale.

Least Favorite Food: See above.

Fears: Nothing. He’s fearless….his biggest fear is Mommy going away and not coming back.

Favorite Trick: Falling asleep. Stay…he’s not moving anywhere.

Quirks: Sock hoarder. Samson likes to find a sock, and proudly present it. After he approaches and is sure that you have seen his treasure, he walks away and brings it to his bed.

Favorite Place: Mom’s lap. Anywhere Mom is.

Biggest surprises: Samson was the easiest puppy. He didn’t chew, nibble, bark, mouth, teeth, or do anything wrong. He was quickly potty trained. We never thought puppy raising could be so easy. Samson makes us want to do it 10 times over.

Occupation: Photo model. Star puppy. Poster child for good boys. Task Trained Service Dog. A man of many hats, in his free time, Samson also volunteers at healthcare facilities as a therapy dog.






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