Meet the Humans

Lea: Native New Yorker turned California Lifer.

Eric: Harvard nerd turned dog dad.

Welcome to a glimpse into our lives as a young married couple just trying to navigate this crazy thing called life. I grew up in New York City and lived within a 5 block radius of my childhood home for 23 years of my life. Grew up next to Columbia University, went there for college and vowed to never leave the Big Apple. Jokes on me, because *love* makes us do crazy things. Enter Eric: nerdy finance guy from Fresno, California. When Eric got a great gig in San Francisco which would offer both of us a better lifestyle (not spending 16 hours of everyday in the office), we packed our bags and left. Life in California was SO much better – we finally had free time, unlimited outdoors adventures, and no more freezing winters.

The dog conversation began.

Eric was not a dog lover, but as mentioned earlier….*love* makes us do crazy things. A very wise human once said “happy wife, happy life” and thus Calvin joined our family. Eric became a dog loving convert and our life got a lot more exciting.

The dog pushed us to go outside.
The dog made us travel more.
The dog helped us through trying medical times.
The dog helped make me happier.
The dog made us laugh.

So, logically? We got a second dog

We still spend our weekends traveling, we still go outside a lot, and the dogs still come to work with me. We bought a house in San Francisco, and things are going very well so its safe to say we will be here for a while. For now, we are enjoying our family of four and continuing to live life to the fullest. Who knows where life will go from here but we are excited to see where it takes us.

Photos: The Look by Devon & Brooke





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